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Donchellee Fulwood

Artist Statement

In the course of my work, I look back to the flow of the lines that I have drawn in my sketchbook. I select different techniques for my ink drawings or paintings so that I can express my personality and my creativity through unique styles of abstract patterns and blocks of color. I fill the whole shape of an object like a shoe or  a branch with small pattern in order to define that shape and suggest deeper relationships within nature and life. Through contrasting patterns, I try to illustrate both sides of emotion in human relationships, based on reality and everyday life.

Currently, from prior work that I have done, and from the life experiences that I have had, I have grown more confident with my artistic creativity. When I work on a piece, it is so hard for me to just let go. I am challenging myself to be courageous during the working process and attempt to succeed while still getting the work done.